Reaction Time In Sports

Reaction time is vital in fast-paced sports that require constant accelerations, decelerations and quick changes in direction. Here's why every athlete should focus on it!

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How Do Muscles Grow? A Guide to Muscular Hypertrophy

Muscular hypertrophy is one of the main building blocks in sports and athletic performance. The bigger the muscle - the bigger the contraction! Here's why it is so important.

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Muscular Strength In Sports – And Why Every Athlete Needs It

Muscular strength is one of the most important factors in sports and athletic ability. Here are basic mechanics of it and why it is so vital for athletes.

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Training For Speed And Better Athletic Performance

There's no way around it - training for speed is one of the most important aspects in athletic workout programs. That's why we've created an article that specifically caters to…

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Flexibility In Sports And Athletic Performance

There's a big connection between flexibility training and athletic performance. However, not all stretching techniques work the way you might think. Here's why!

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The Basic Mechanisms of Physical Strength

Strength in sports occurs in two ways; muscular strength and muscular hypertrophy. Both of them are vital factors in athletic performance. Read on to learn more about the…

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Muscular Endurance In Sports

Muscular endurance describes a single muscle’s ability to contract as efficiently as possible for as long as possible. Here's why that is so important for your performance!

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Cardiovascular Endurance in Sports And Athletic Performance

Cardiovascular endurance describes your lungs' and heart's ability to move oxygen to the muscles in during a longer exercise. Here's why that is so important for your performance!

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Speed In Sports And Athletic Performance

As the old saying goes - "speed kills". That is why athletes should pay special attention to improve their own speed performance. Here's what you need to know about the mechanics…

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Endurance In Sports – What Does Aerobic Capacity Consist Of?

Endurance can be divided into two components; cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Both of them are crucial factors in athletic performance. Read on to learn more about the the…

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