all-or-none law

How Muscles Contract: The All-Or-None Law

The all-or-none law states that if a stimulus exceeds an activation threshold,…

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delayed onset muscle soreness, upper body/lower body split

The Upper Body/Lower Body Split – What Are The Pros And Cons?

The upper body/lower body split divides your muscles into two groups, allowing…

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muscular endurance in sports, strength, periodization

Periodization Of Training – A Full Guide

Periodization refers to dividing your yearly conditioning program into smaller…

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workout splits

Ultimate Guide To Workout Splits – Organize Your Training Better

Workout splits refer to different ways of dividing your exercises throughout…

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heart rate zones

Target Heart Rate Zones Explained – How To Use Them Correctly

Heart rate zones can be used to determine optimal training intensity. They are…

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circuit training

A Comprehensive Guide To Circuit Training – Including Sample Routines!

Circuit training refers to training sessions where you continuously move from…

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